Riverstone Dolphins RSL Youth Swimming Club Inc.

Volunteers Duties

Chief Timekeeper


Arrival Time: 6:30pm at Recording Table

Role Description: to oversee and assist lane timekeepers.



  • Check in at Recording Table from 6:25-6:35pm. Fill out Supper form. Collect timer, vest, and clipboard
  • Meet with Referee and Lane Timekeepers at 6:40pm at Recording Table.
  • Inform Lane Timekeepers of any amalgamated heats.
  • If a Lane Timekeepers timer stops working, time their lane with your timekeeper and make a note on both yours and the lane timekeepers sheet. Notify Recording Table so the timer can be replaced.
  • Timekeep any record attempts (they will be highlighted on your sheet)
  • If you require assistance contact the Recording Table.