FAQ – Zone 4

    • Zone 4 is the area our club falls under for RSL Youth Swimming Clubs, along with Penrith, Rooty Hill, Castle Hill, Seven Hills.
    • Zone 4 hold four qualifying meets to select a team to represent them at the RSL State Championships held the following March. These events alternate country / city.
    • Zone 4 is for swimmers 8 and under to 24.
    • The minimum distance for these events is 50m.
    • 2021’s State Championships will be held at Wellington Pool (near Dubbo) around the second or third week of March 2020.

Should I enter my child in the qualifying nights?

It is great practice for swimmers to experience full race conditions against swimmers of their own age and gender.

I don’t think my child is good enough to make it to state.

Qualifying times for RSL state are not as competitive as Swimming NSW State times, as only RSL swimmers can qualify. Last year Riverstone Dolphins had 33 swimmers selected into the team.

Do I need to attend all 4 nights?

You can attend as many as you want to gain experience, but if your aim is to qualify for State you need to attend 3 out of the four nights. 

How many swims can my child enter?

At the qualifying meets you can enter all four 50m strokes for age and the Open 100m freestyle and 200IM.  There is a cost an in the past it has been around $2 per race though it may need to be raised a little this year to cover not being able to fundraise for swimmer.

How many events can my child qualify for at State?

Swimmers can be selected for up to 2 individual events and 2 relays. To qualify for the Medley Relay swimmers must have competed in Butterfly events at qualifying. Reserve swimmers may be selected.

What if my child is a reserve and the selected swimmer does swim?

Due to Covid restrictions the reserve relay may not happen in 2021

How do I enter my child to swim?

In the OME program where you enter your Thursday night swims, there is a Zone4 meet. Payment for races will come off the credit card you used to register

Travel to and from country meets and accommodation.

This is at the swimmer’s own cost.  Blacktown council do have small grants for locals. 

Please email any other questions.