Riverstone Dolphins R.S.L. Youth Swimming Club

Serving the Community since 1994.

Riverstone Dolphins Swim Club was formed in April 1994 with 25 members, after a small donation was given to the club by Mr Mills to start the club off to help pay for establishment fees.

“We found it hard to start our new club as we were told that 2 clubs in the town wouldn’t work”, but a committee was formed and with our first patron, Dr Javed, we proved them wrong. With some help from Cr Alan Pendleton, they made it.

To help raise funds the club organised bus trips to: Hunter Valley, Snow, Beach Family Days & best of all our Car Rallies. Narelle Uphill & Margaret Mills went around to our local businesses to speak to them about our new club & were overwhelmed with the response, with businesses & club families we were able to purchase 40 perpetual trophies. These trophies were awarded to many swimmers over the years and were so full, they had to be replaced after the 25th season of the Riverstone Dolphins.

A FREE learn to swim program was started to help the community on Sunday mornings with up to 120 kids turning up, the club supplied the qualified instructors & trainees.

Up and ready to start our new club Riverstone Dolphins Swimming Club in October 1994 we had 220 members enrol, first training day 70 kids turned up from then we went from strength to strength. For the first couple of years the club had up to 300 members all sorting of races and points were all done manually.

In 1998 the club joined the Riverstone RSL sub branch under their banner so the swimmers could attend carnivals for the State RSL.

With the support of Riverstone Memorial Club each season the club has been able to purchase much needed equipment. We thank them for their continuing support.

Without the help of then Councillors Alan Pendleton, Ron Alder & families of our club we have never looked back.

In 2014/15 the club celebrated its 20th season with committee members that had been with the club for most of those 20 years and with Founding Member Margaret Mills still as our treasurer.

In 2019 we held a carnival to celebrate the clubs 25th year, swimmers from club near and far came to help us celebrate our quarter of a century. Blacktown City Council was there again to support the club as it has done for so many of these years.

Though the club’s goal is to give people of all ages and abilities the chance to compete, we have had swimmer that have gone on to compete at State and National levels

We would like to thank all those people who have come before us and those that will come after us for keeping the spirit of the club alive.

The club looks forward to serving the community as it continues to grow in the next 25 years.