FAQ – Championships

Championships is a meet held over 4 weeks at the end of the regular season.

Swimmers compete in races with their own age and gender to determine the Age Champion for the season.

Swimmers Championship age is the age that he/she is on the FIRST Thursday that the Club Championships commences.

Swimmers must qualify by swimming during the regular season.

Qualifying swims conclude on the last night of swimming prior to the first Championship night.


What is the Championship Distance for Age?

Refer to the Distance for Age page on this website.

What are the qualifying requirements?

A swimming member must fulfil the following requirements to qualify for Club Championships.

▪ 25m and 50m events

o A competitor must have swum the stroke at Championship Age distance three (3) times during the qualifying season.

▪ 100m events

o A competitor must have swum the particular stroke three (3) times with at least two (2) at   the 100m distance during the season.

▪ 200 and 400m events

o A competitor must have swum the particular stroke and distance at least twice (2) during the season.

▪ A competitor must have competed in at least eight (8) Thursday nights meets during the season. Each night that you swim is counted as a one (1) Swim Night. Note: DNS in all events entered does not count towards a swim night.

Do I need to attend all 4 nights?

The program is set at the end of the season. Swimmers only need to attend on nights they have qualified for an event.

Riverstone Dolphins is my second claim club, can I compete?

Only members who have nominated Riverstone Dolphins as their summer season FIRST CLAIM CLUB, are eligible to compete.

Are swimmers disqualified for in incorrect strokes?

Disqualifications may be given to swimmers in events of 50m and above distances during all championship nights, at the discretion of the referee. Parent/Swimmers are able to approach the referee poolside to clarify the disqualification. NOTE: this can only be done on the night of the swim.

How do I know which events a swimmer has qualified for to enter my child to swim?

The club will enter all swimmers into this meet after confirming what events they have qualified for.

How are Age Champions determined?

AGE CHAMPIONS will be determined by points allocated for Championship swims ONLY.

Championship points will be awarded for all event as follows:

1st place 20 points

2nd place 17 points

3rd place 16 points

4th place 15 points

5th place 14 points

6th place 13 points

7th place 12 points

8th place 11 points

9th place 9 points

10th place 7 points

11th place 6 points

12th Place 5 points

If you have any other questions please contact racesecretaryrdsc@gmail.com