Blacktown City Games Carnival

Have a look at some photos from our carnival

The Riverstone Dolphins would like to thank everyone who made today such a success. Thanks to Blacktown City Council and Mayor Stephen Bali for helping us put this carnival together. Thanks to Mayor Bali for coming today to present some medals. Thanks to the pool staff who spent hours preparing the pool and grounds to ensure our pool was inviting to our many visitors. Thanks to the competitors from Riverstone Dolphins and the many other clubs who came to swim. A huge thanks to the technical officials from Metro North West, we really could not have done it without you. To the many volunteers who were timekeepers for the races today I am sure the swimmers appreciated your commitment. Our sponsor who backed us today. Thanks to the local state member Kevin Conolly who secured funding for the carnival, and came to present medals and draw the raffle. Thanks to Michelle Rowland our Federal member who also gave us funding for the carnival. Lastly to our families who stood by us and helped in the planning and in many roles on the day thank you.

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