Championship Reminders / Info for First Timers.

WEEK 1 – Breaststroke 25m, 50m and 100m and Individual Medley 200m

Please do not interupt the officals recording table 1. If you have a question please refer to committee member on table 2.
Marshalling – ALL swimmers MUST go to marshalling at the first call, races go very quickly. If you are not at marshalling and your name has been called 3 times you will not be put into a differnent age race. All late swimmers will be refered to the referee. Whilst in marsalling all swimmers must SIT quietly so they do make other swimmers miss their names being called.
Disqualifications will be made by the referee, the JOS and starter can advise the referee on a breach of rules, but the referee has the final call. If there are any diputes please refer them to the recording table who will bring it to the referee
Parents and other swimmers please keep away from the timekeepers, all swimmers to exit the pool via the steps and not over the wall at the ends of the pool.
Note: placings and times taken by mobile phones and cameras are not always correct as they not above the swimmer when they hit the wall, so please keep this in mind if disputing something.

Presentation tickets will be on sale. Please see Michelle at reording table 2.

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