R.S.L State Carnival

The state carnival at Muswellbrook was a great day and many of our Dolphins received medals.  One of our zone 4 relay teams was an all Dolphins team which was awesome for our little club.  As well as celebrating the medals I would like to take a moment to celebrate the sportsmanship of some of our swimmers who were challenged by some difficult situations.  The equipment made the day very challenging for Kirsten but she soldiered through and there were many other technical difficulties along the way which most of you would be blissfully unaware of.

There were a couple of mix ups with the events for our swimmers, we apologise for the inconvenience and disappointment to those swimmers.  Unfortunately these things are inevitable when we have so few committee members with so much to do. Human error thrives on little time mixed with a huge workload.  I’d like to thank the families involved for their understanding.

Anyone at the meet could see that Sidney Fitzpatrick was very unwell on the day, he has been for a little while now.  He probably should’ve stayed home but came because he made a commitment to himself, our club and our zone.  He gave his all and placed very well but an error in timekeeping was made in one of his events and his result was recorded incorrectly, it has all been sorted but Sidney (and his dad) handled the matter with grace and understanding.

Archi Whalan showed perseverance and a love of swimming in all of his events and was a joy to watch.

Tahlia Yates was involved in a medal mix-up (another problem with official timekeeping) and was very brave and graceful during the resolution.
Erin Nickl missed out on a spot on the team but was asked on the day to fill in for a relay.  She was in her cozzies in a matter of minutes ready to help out only to be told she was no longer needed.  She handled the disappointment with true sportsmanship.

A swimmer from our zone didn’t show up on the day leaving our 12yo girls relay team short and unable to swim.  I offered Lucia Pedro the spot as the relay teams were getting ready to sit behind the blocks, Lucia grabbed her cap and goggles and said ‘do I go to marshalling now?’ with a massive smile on her face she ran to marshalling and the girls were able to swim and medal in the event.

Many people don’t see swimming as a team sport but it most definitely is.  Never forget your team, it consists of so many people, your family, coaches, friends, your club, zone, officials, volunteers etc.  Never forget how many supporters share in your wins and losses whether the event is an individual one or as part of a relay.

In the end zone 4 won the carnival but I’d say dolphins won the day, we had genuine team spirit which was evident among the kids …. especially those who made the trip only to support their siblings.

MichelleTeam Manager for State Carnival

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