Active Kids Voucher

Dear Members,

If you would like to use the active kids voucher for your registration or squad program, please note

1.       The voucher can only be used to claim the swimmer’s portion of registration $65 or $35, and NOT the $20 associate member fee that is attached to the first swimmer’s registration.  

2.       The full registration fee will have to be paid, and a refund will be provided once the club has confirmation from the Active Kids Program that the voucher has been approved.


After registration please email each child’s

1.    Send an email to  only,

2.    In the subject field please use you Surname

3.    List all swimmer’s name, date of birth and active kids voucher number

Please don’t send to the normal email address.

Please note that if you have already registered and used the active kids voucher can you please still email the details to the above email as we have some technical issues and are unable to retrieve the correct voucher details.

Any questions please email us

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