Championships 2020

There are four weeks of Championships 20th Feb, 27th Feb, 5th March and 12th March. And backup date of the 19th March in case we have to cancel due to rain or other reasons.

Swimmers will compete in races with their own age and gender, though some events may be run at the same time due to small numbers.

Qualifications details to swim in Club Championships:
MUST have competed in 8 nights. (still a large number of swimmers to get to 8 nights)
Completed your distance for age races
25m and 50m 3 races per stroke
100m 3 races per stroke with at least 2 as 100m.
Completed 200m and 400m races 2 races per stroke.
Note the 400m is an OPEN even and the 200m are Sub Junior (8-10), Junior (11 -12), Senior (13-16) and 17 and Over.

Swimmer do not need to complete OMEs, if you have qualified for an event your race secretaries will enter you in the events. Please make sure you check the program once it is sent to you as there can be NO changes on the night. Contact us straight away if there is an issue.

The program will be emailed out soon, head up

Week 1
Breaststroke and 200m Individual Medley
Week 2
Backstroke and 400m Freestyle
Week 3
Butterfly, 12.5m BBB, 200m Freestyle
Week 4

If you are unsure how many swims you have done check completed meets in your active account.

Swimmers can NOT be late to marshalling as this is age races, they can not be slotted into another race.

Volunteers will be required on all nights 14 time keepers, supper and 2 -4 extra runners. Lisa looks forward to being rushed with people putting their hands up to help.

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