OMEs open for week 1

For those that have registered already, you will have received an email today inviting you to enter your OME (online meet entry) for the first week. For our new members this is where you enter the raced you/the kids want to swim in. If you can not find it click on View Meet. Don’t forget to click save in the top rightIf you have made a mistake or changed your mind click edit top right. ALL OME’s need to be submitted before Monday night at 7pm. NO LATE ENTRIES.

Week 1
Event 1100M Free
Event 212.5 Free
Event 325m Free
Event 450m Free
Event 512.5m BBB
Event 6200M Free
Event 725m Breast
Event 833m Breast
Event 950m Breast
Event 1025m Back
Event 1150m Back
Event 12100M Back
Gate open 6.30
Marshalling 6.45

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