2019/20 Summer Presentation

Dear Members

Thank you for your patience whilst we negotiated through the restrictions that Covid placed on our 2019/20 Summer Season Presentation.

We are happy to announce the Presentation can finally go ahead though the format will be very different from previous years.

We would like to invite all swimming members and 1non swimming family member per family to the Summer 2019/2020 Presentation

Riverstone Swimming Centre
BYO Chair/towel/blanket

Members must pre book their attendance at this event so we can ensure the club and the pool can stay under the Covid Safe Numbers.

Members must agree to adhere to all rules set out for the running of the event. The pool has limited numbers of people allowed in the pool, we must provide them with numbers of how many people will be swimming on the day.

Unfortunately we will not be able to do a lunch as in the past.
The Canteen will not be open on the day, please feel free to bring a picnic, food and drinks if you want.
We will not be able to have the pool inflatable
Entry on the day

Not swimming at any time on the day.
2019/20 Swimming members – Free (Paid for by the club)
2019/20 Non Swimming family member $3.30

Swimming after presentation finished on the day
2019/20 Swimming members – Free (Paid for by the club)
2019/20 Non Swimming family member -$4.80

Please complete the form to advise of your attendance / non-attendance before the 30th October. There will be NO acceptances after this date, and you can not just turn up on the day.

If you are unable to attend but would like to organise to pick up your trophy please state how you would like to do this on this form.


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