Club Duties Roster

Like all clubs Riverstone Dolphins relies on parents and older swimmers to help run our club swim nights.

Timekeepers  – please come to the Recording Table after signing in. Instructions will be given at this point.

Supper  – This year you DO NOT bring food, just serving pre-packaged food and making Coffee/Tea. To meet at the Recording Table at 7:00pm.

Sign In – enter the pool at 6:15 and go to Gazebo. Swimmer Sign In is highlighting names, Parent Sign In is ensuring the spectators sign on so we have an accurate register for contact tracing.

If you can’t complete your duty one week, organise a swap amongst yourselves if possible and just notify the club via email, if stuck email us and we will organise a swap for you. If you are going to be late please let us know and we will fill the position until you arrive

We rely on all parents helping run swim nights. If you do not show for your assigned duty your swimmers will be unable to compete that night events and the race night will not count towards championship qualifications.

Thank You

Riverstone Dolphins R.S.LYouth Swimming Club Inc.

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