Season Information 2021 22

Welcome to season 2021 – 2022. We hope all members enjoy their season at Dolphins. Please find attached some important information of returning members and new members. Any questions please contact the committee via email –

Welcome to Riverstone Dolphins Swimming Club.   

The information below is to help our members answer some of the more basic questions about our summer season for 2021/2022

Returning members – Please read to make sure you are up to date on any changes made for this upcoming season.

New members will have many questions and we hope that we can answer all these questions below, if not please contact us or see us on any Thursday night.

Where to find information:

We have attached a copy of the program and Club Constitution and Bylaws, Covid Protocols.  The club has a website and Facebook page that has most of what is going on at the club.

Thursday Night Racing:

Thursday night pool entry   – Weekly entry fees for swimmers and spectators have been included into your registration.

Gates open 6.10pm

Swimmer Check in 6:10pm – 6:25pm – at Marshalling

Races will be combined after 6.25pm if swimmers not checked in. (this is done to make the night run more efficiently)

If you are running late, please email to ensure swimmers are not scratched.

If you have to be late on a regular basis (that’s ok), please advise the Race Secretary via email.

If you are not attending a Club night but have submitted your OME, please email prior to 5:30pm Thursday night.

Warm up from 6.15pm – 6.30pm

Warm up protocols have changes.  Please follow the following.

Lane 1                   Diving practice ONLY

Lane 2                   Turns practice ONLY

Lanes 3 / 4 / 5    Stroke Warm Up ONLY

Lanes 6 and 7     Free swims


Pre marshalling area will be on the Lane 7 side of the pool. This area is for swimmers ONLY. All swimmers are expected to stay in this area until they have finished competing for the night.  Please ensure your swimmers have all they need for the night. Volunteers will be available to help with Caps, goggles and other things

Marshalling will occur at the top of this area near the blocks. Events will be called by the marshal and swimmers will make their way promptly to the marshal for instructions. 

NOTE – Whilst in both marshalling areas, swimmers need to remain seated until called for their race. They are also asked to respect the other swimmers and behave in a sensible manor.  Both areas are ball free areas.

Baby dolphins competing in 12.5m swims will have their own marshalling area with their parent.

Spectators – We ask if you are not on a duty, that you use the Lane 1 side of the pool and the rotunda to sit. 


All swimmers have a Distance for Age that they should be either working towards or swimming.  Please see the attached Sheet with swimmers correct Distance for Age.

Races will be seeded according to times for the 16 weeks of the competition (no one has a time the first time the compete in an event).

Over the qualifying swim weeks, the focus is on swimmers improving their times and stroke. All swimmers will accrue point for each swim and these points will determine the point score winners for each stroke at the end of the season.

Swimmer do not have to use the blocks though it is encouraged in the older swimmers.  

Any swimmer wanting to move up to the next distance, please contact the club for more information

Club Duties: Our nights cannot run without the help from all our members. All families will be placed on a roster to time keep and other essential job required for the night to run.  Instructions will be provided, if you are unable to fulfill your duty on a specific night, we ask you swap the duty with another member and let us know in advance, we can arrange a substitute for adult swimmers during your races. Any member that would like to learn a Technical Official role – Starter, Marshal, Check Starter, please send us an email and we will contact you with more details.


A four-week championship program will complete the season. This meet determines our age champions.

Swimmers will compete against other swimmers their age and gender.  Swimmer must qualify for this meet please refer to the club bylaws for the details.


Please speak to committee for information on training programs.

We understand that the new families may not understand all the procedures or are uncertain of all the terms like first claim, championships, OME and so many more.  Please send us an email if you have any questions, we will also set up a questions area on the first few Thursday night for you to come and ask questions.

Please read the Bylaws as the club rules make up part of this document and it will explain many of the things you are not sure about.

The seasons program is available on the club website, but ask you to remember, like the whole season, it is subject to change to ensure we are complying with the everchanging Covid environment.

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